Search Engine Optimisation

SEO services in Dubai

SEO is the most general type of Digital marketing that is used to increase the website’s visibility across the search engines. There are various techniques involved in this process ranging from on-site technical analysis and improvement, to blogging, link-building and content creation.

In the past couple of years, search engines have been improving their algorithms so that they favour websites with good content, and penalise those that use some of the ‘black’ SEO tricks of the past. SEO is still really important though, and a great SEO strategy will ensure that your site has the tools it needs to rank highly in search results.

There are so many benefits to ranking highly in search results that it would be hard to list them all here, but the biggest benefits are that your site will get more traffic, and you will save money on PPC and other forms of advertising.

Search Strategy

A smart SEO strategy can be long-lasting, and can keep your site ranking highly with just the odd tweak now and then.

Keyword research – Looking at how many searches there are for various keywords relating to your business, then choosing the ones that are right for you. There is no point ranking for keywords nobody is searching for, but equally, you don’t want to try ranking for keywords that are entirely dominated by huge players. We can help you find the perfect keywords which will be the most effective for you.

On-page SEO – Making lots of little changes to your site to help search engines find you and know what you’re about. This includes optimising page titles, headers, descriptions, image names and alt tags, page content, and URLs. We can provide really easy-to-follow instructions so you can simply make these changes via your CMS.

Off-page SEO – Getting backlinks to your pages from other sites, which tells search engines that your website is an authoritative source for your topic. We can help you achieve this by submitting articles and blog content to other sites.